Questions to ask when interviewing a Leadership/Team Coach

Like most new things, getting started can be awkward and clunky. When I get calls from leaders who need help, they are often unsure of where to start or what information to ask for. On this post, I offer you four questions you should ask when interviewing a Leadership/Team Coach, and things to listen for in their reply.

Question 1: Who do you serve?

  • While coaches can work across industries, most specialize to some degree.
  • If you aren’t in their specialty area, proceed with caution. Coaches work most effectively in and amongst businesses that they know the best.

Question 2: How are you different than all the other coaches out there?

  • If a coach is legit, they should be able to answer this question with clarity.
  • Look for answers that meet your needs and align with your goals

Question 3: What does your process look like?  And how do we know when we’re done?

  • Coaches with a process are just glorified cheerleaders. Processes are necessary to maximize value.
  • Look for a coach who has a standardized onboarding system that helps to quickly identify your opportunities and challenges.
  • Look for a coach that can customize the process to meet your unique needs.
  • Look for a coach who can name the end point of your engagement.

Question 4: Does your program have a specific time or financial commitment?

  • Obviously, your tolerance for cost will drive the choose of whom you choose.
  • Look for a coach that allows you to exit at any point and doesn’t tie you into a long-term engagement.
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