Smiling mature manager pointing at sticky notes on a glass wall while brainstorming with his diverse team in a modern office

Grow Together

Go Further

We help entrepreneurial leadership teams elevate their companies by maximizing their people, productivity, and profit.

It starts with an 11-minute call

Grow Together

Go Further

We help companies gain traction by aligning their people to achieve their vision using the renowned EOS® framework

It starts with an 11-minute call


Align your team around a common vision


Get everyone moving in the same direction


Develop a healthy team for long-term success

Get off the treadmill

You went into business because you know you're capable of something big.

But lately, it feels like all you’re doing is running faster on a treadmill; you're working harder but not getting anywhere.

You're ready for measurable results that reflect your effort.

Imagine if you had something you could implement right now that could get you off the treadmill and moving forward with your team?

The Mile One

Simple Process

  • 1

    Start the Journey

    90 Minute Team Intro

    We meet with your leadership team to discuss your current challenges and create a plan for transforming those challenges into strengths.

  • 2

    Walk Together

    Regular Full-Day Sessions

    Most of our work together will happen in a series of full-day sessions, during which we will develop and refine your vision, create a simple strategy to execute that vision, and learn all the tools necessary to keep the entire company moving in the right direction.

  • 3

    Walk on Your Own


    From our very first session together, we seek to work ourselves out of a job. Once you have mastered the tools we teach you, are consistently setting and achieving the goals that move your company forward, and you feel ready to take over, we then step aside and watch your success from afar.

    Most companies take about two years to reach the hand-off phase.

"Failure is having the same year of experience over and over again."

- Tom Knox

It starts with an 11-minute call

"The bottom line is that we are seeing real, tangible, results. Joel holds us accountable, and because I have confidence in him, I am able to trust the process to work – not always easy for someone who wants to get everything done NOW!"

Margie Maclachlan
Tartan Marketing

Get where you want to go, with less effort and chaos.

Pausing your life to get an MBA is not an option; you’re WAY too busy for that. You need something you can implement RIGHT NOW while continuing to run your company, so you can take care of all the people who depend on you.

Joel Swanson is a master business guide who helps companies move from confusion to clarity and from chaos into confidence.  We can help you achieve your company and personal goals, and do it without sacrificing your health, your sanity, or your family.

These concepts are not rocket science, and with enough effort you could probably figure out how to get there on your own.  But when you walk with a guide you will get further faster, with a lot less pain and chaos, and with more lasting results.

Let us make your job easier.

Results. Honesty. Guaranteed.

Everything is unconditionally guaranteed. There are no contracts, and if you don't feel like you're getting value, you simply don't pay.

You can expect 100% transparency and honesty every step of the way, even when the truth is difficult to hear.

“If you really want the kind of company you say you want, start doing something about it, or stop saying that you want it.”

– Joel Swanson

Treadmill? Or freedom and abundance?

You could stay on the treadmill – it’s giving you something to do, right? But the view from the treadmill will always be the same: The same problems you've dealt with this year will still be there next year and the year after that.

Or, you could decide that's not the life you want.

You could step off the treadmill and actively move toward freedom and abundance.

Start with a no-pressure
11-minute call

On this call we’ll both make an initial determination about whether what we do is a good fit for you, and if your company might be a good fit for us.